Consulting and Investigation

Secure Strategies International, LLC (SSI) is a company designed to provide security solutions to Government Homeland Security projects and critical infrastructure. The principals have top Secret Security clearances.

Secure Strategies International, LLC is comprised of professionals from the law enforcement and intelligence communities with expertise in terrorism, explosives, and weapons of mass destruction. SSI specializes in critical infrastructure protection, including water, power, and administrative facilities.

Terrorism and Explosive Specialists

SSI has expertise in terrorism from real-life experience: investigation and penetration of terrorist cells in the 1980s; planning security for such major events as the 1996 Olympics and the United Nations 50th Anniversary; and responding to tragic events such as the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

The principles of Secure Strategies are steeped with an unusual combination of terrorism expertise and in-depth knowledge of security. They bring this unique expertise to the conduct of security surveys and threat assessments. Their specialized expertise can help develop security programs, emergency response plans, and the design of security systems. They can provide training and develop written policy to support overall security.

Not a vendor of alarms, video or other hardware, Secure Strategies can help you select only the systems and hardware you really need. Talon Secure Strategies… secure results through experienced professionals.

Secure Strategies International, LLC (SSI) offers:

  • Physical Security Risk Assessments
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Electronic Camera Design and Planning
  • Counterterrorism / Explosives