Talon Executive Services, Inc. was founded in 1994 by former United States Secret Service Agent, Ron Williams. Talon Executive Services is a security industry leader, delivering high-end Executive Protection and Investigation services throughout the nation and the World.

Talon Executive Services include Corporate Investigations, Threat Assessments, Violence in the Workplace Mitigation and Training, Background Checks and Due Diligence Investigations both Nationally and Internationally.

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Talon has a highly advanced team of former Secret Service and F.B.I. agents as well as other federal, state, local law enforcement officers and other highly trained private agents. Talon agents are tactically trained and licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

Talon Agents are ready to respond and provide professional protection to mitigate threats, workplace violence or other criminal behavior. Our philosophy is to provide a safe and secure work environment with minimal disruption to your employees and business.

The Talon Team also provides protection to CEOs, VIPs, special events and celebrities. Talon Agents have protected such high profile individuals as:

  • Fortune 1000 Executives
  • T.V./Film and Recording Celebrities
  • Foreign Dignitaries
  • Public Officials
  • Confidentiality mandates our discretion when working for organizations and individuals



With over fifty years of combined investigative experience, Talon is an industry leader in the areas of undercover drug/theft investigations, industrial espionage, intellectual property theft, fraud investigations and computer forensic investigations. Due to our extensive experience, our staff of dedicated professionals is able to apply proprietary investigative methodology to address all of these forms of malfeasance across a broad range of industries and businesses.

Litigation as a result of internal investigations is a reality that all employers are faced with in today’s corporate world. Because of this very issue, Talon utilizes a proprietary investigation/interview methodology that was developed to yield a better than 94% confession rate while simultaneously mitigating civil liability. This technique has been developed to meet the needs of businesses and labor attorneys alike as well as addressing the needs of Human Resource professionals within the organization.

  • Corporate Espionage
  • Cyber Security/Computer Forensics
  • Prevention/Electronic Countermeasures
  • Threat Assessments
  • Theft Investigations
  • Intellectual Property
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Violence In The Workplace
  • Surveillance
  • Under Cover Operations



Businesses and communities cannot afford to overlook their need for a complete emergency response plan or the need to test its effectiveness. The threat of terrorism has not diminished but rather intensified since 9/11, and those places where hundreds of people congregate in the U.S. have become primary targets.

Other intentional acts, such as workplace violence, cause major disruptions to companies and can transform the workplace into a crime scene, completely controlled by law enforcement, resulting in a shut down for days or even weeks. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and fires can strike at any time. The extent to which a company or community strategically prepares for the unspeakable becomes glaringly obvious when disaster arrives at their front door. Lives can be saved and businesses can be restored if the response is effective; if not, the results can be devastating.

TALON Examines Emergency Response to:

  • Natural Disasters
  • Terrorism
  • Violence In The Workplace
  • Malevolent Acts
  • SEMS / ICS Protocols
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Violence In The Workplace
  • Communications
  • Crisis Management Team
  • Equipment
  • Proprietary Information Systems



Businesses face the constant threat of terrorism, natural disasters (such as earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes), and unexpected acts of violence that can erupt in the workplace. These threats require that businesses and organizations take a proactive approach to identify probable risks and vulnerabilities that may exist so exposure to these threats can be minimized and potential damage mitigated.

Trained and certified in Sandia Labs RAM-w, Talon’s team is ready to conduct threat assessments and develop remedial measures for water districts, identified as one of the nation’s critical infrastructures. However, Talon’s expertise is not limited to water districts. Our team is comprised of highly qualified experts in counter-terrorism, explosives, weapons of mass destruction and crisis management who have conducted vulnerability assessments in venues such as public transportation, healthcare, entertainment and major corporations.

Talon’s Security Risk Vulnerability Assessment Program:

  • Conduct a Threat Assessment
  • Identify Critical Assets
  • Evaluate Consequences
  • Quantify Risk Mitigation/Cost Analysis
  • SEMS / ICS Protocols
  • Make Specific Recommendations
  • Implement Recommendations



Proprietary data and information, “The Crown Jewels” of a company, is under attack from outside hackers, and employees. The financial repercussions for loss of valuable research and development, financial records, and other proprietary items can be devastating.

Governance such as Sarbanes-Oxley, the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, HIPAA and SB-1386 in California are legislative laws that must be

complied with.

Talon’s Information Security Strategy:

  • Respond to security breaches with Crisis and Incident Response Team (CIRT)
  • Security Strategy and Planning
  • Risk and Vulnerability Analysis and Mitigation
  • Conduct Penetration Test
  • Internal Audits / Computer Forensics
  • Compliance Assessment / Regulatory Requirements
  • Confidentiality mandates our discretion when working for organizations and individuals



The F.B.I. estimates that American companies lose over $500 billion dollars a year to employee theft. Although the numbers are alarming, most business executives do not feel any sense of urgency, and few companies seek proactive measures to eradicate the problem. Talon believes in placing Undercover Operatives into the workforce because it is proven to be the most effective method for gaining intelligence to uncover theft, espionage and substance abuse. Important information is gathered by an investigative instrument without making judgmental or on-the-spot decisions. The Investigator has the ability to sniff out substantial leads and pursue them.

Undercover Operation Services:

  • Establish Company Goals and Objectives
  • Profile the Operative
  • Case Management
  • Compile Information and Data
  • Work with Public Officials
  • Intervention/Interview
  • Confidentiality mandates discretion when working for organizations and individuals



Employers’ lax attitude towards workplace violence can leave many at risk. Recently, a 21-year-old employee opened fire on his co-workers in the break area, killing five and shooting himself. USA Today reports that every week one person is killed and 25 are seriously injured due to violent outbreaks on the job.

Our Training Packages include:

  • How to recognize and handle potential threats
  • Detecting Dysfunctional Employees
  • Warning Signs of Violent Behavior
  • Types of Acts of Violence
  • Practical Intervention Techniques
  • How to Develop a Prevention Plan